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Stephen Jackson Running The Brooklyn Half Marathon

WIBO Honors – Alumni Honoree Stephen Jackson

Stephen graduated from the Harlem WIBO Class in 1991 and was chosen as the class speaker. It was Stephen’s 1st public speaking role and surely not his last. The following fall semester Stephen participated as a Workshop Leader as he grew the 1st of his three multimillion dollar companies. Stephen benefited by living less than a mile away from the WIBO offices so he spent a lot of time with Walter Geier, discussing their love of sales and growing a business. When Stephen sold his 1st company in 1995 and was moving into technology with Internet marketing and web development. Walter encouraged Stephen to host Internet marketing workshops at the WIBO Offices.

Stephen’s role today is the founder and Executive Director of Run2LIVE, Inc. a national running organization that Inspire, Support and Encourage men and women to gain a healthy lifestyle through walking/running. Additionally, Stephen is the head Adult distance Running Coach, Certified Nutritional Therapist and Certified Weight Management Specialist. Run2LIVE has more than 150 members nationwide and Stephen has coached more than 50 runners who ran their 1st NYC Marathon.

“If you can train your mind for running, everything else will be easy.” Amby Burfoot

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