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Drop the Scattergun: Focus Your Message

Have you ever been overwhelmed with options? Maybe you went to buy a tablet or a laptop. You stepped in the store or clicked online and found dozens of devices. Instead of making your decision easier, all of these options made it harder.

You didn’t know how to sort through your choices. You questioned what you needed. Was one brand better than another? Should you spring for the upgrade option? If you got too overwhelmed, you may have even stopped shopping.

This is how your mailing list feels when you try to promote too many things at once. Instead of buying everything you share, they buy nothing. You’re left wondering what you did wrong. You personally made sure each offer was a good one.

Focus on 1 Offer per Email

If you’re going to promote a product and get the maximum number of sales, it won’t happen if you use a scattergun approach. You want to be intentional with your promotions. That means making one offer at a time.

But what if you have two wonderful products and you want to mention them both? You could write up a comparison review and link it to both products. Make sure one comes out on top and be transparent about which option you think is best.

Time Your Promotions

As you create amazing resources for your community, it can be tempting to share them all at once. Maybe you’re about to release your flagship course and you want to launch your podcast at the same time. Doing too much at once though can make it hard to give each project the attention and promotion it deserves.

Not only can doing too much overwhelm your list, it can also overwhelm your affiliates. If you’re releasing too many products at once, they won’t know what to promote. This can cripple your affiliate program and make getting the word out about your projects even harder.

Handle Multiple Promos

If you must mention more than one promotion, don’t be lazy about it. Tell subscribers it’s important that you share both opportunities. A lazy approach is to say, “Here’s Alice’s new product and don’t forget about my webinar tonight.”

Instead, try a different approach. You might say, “Tonight is my webinar. It’s about (topic). Before I let you go, here’s something you might want to check out.” Then introduce Alice and her new product.

Most solopreneurs and coaches see better results when they focus their messages. Be sure to include a clear call to action like, “buy this social media course now” or “listen to the first episode of my podcast”. Doing this will increase your conversion rates and prevents your subscribers from feeling frustrated by too many options.

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