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Leadership Myths & Facts

There are many books and courses on leadership for every aspect of business and professions.  Here are a few common myths that entrepreneurs may have about leadership skills.



People are born leaders Everyone has the ability to lead. Leaders have self-confidence. They work hard to overcome obstacles. They constantly work to improve their skills.
The only true leaders are the ones

at the top like CEOs.

Life is full of leaders that have never had a top-level position. You can be a leader even in the lowest position of a company.
Leaders are highly educated. Many of the greatest leaders in history had little education. Leadership is more about having the right attitude than education. Skills can be obtained in a number of ways that do not include formal education.
Leaders control everything and

rarely delegate the important stuff.

Good leaders know when to give others the lead and when it’s time to take control. They share the workload, delegating the right tasks to the right people.
Leaders focus on results and don’t

care about the people

A good leader knows how to get results while ensuring their team is motivated and happily working in a balanced environment.
You need to be charming and

charismatic to be a leader.


Neither is required. You just need to be proactive, have good people skills and integrity, work hard, be committed, and be able to communicate well.

Leaders work alone. If you work alone, you lead no one. Leaders need a team to bounce ideas off of, to get different perspectives on ideas, to help complete the work, and to speed up the process.

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