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8 Tips on Finding Effective Business Networking Opportunities

The more you get out there and network, the more you’ll meet people with whom you can create profitable win-win relationships. So, a key to success with power networking is to regularly find networking opportunities and take advantage of them. Here are 8 ways to find places to network.

Networking Sites

Check out networking sites where people list events you can attend. The most popular ones are Meetup and Eventbrite. They list meetings in your local area based on various themes, and it’s an easy way to find events to attend near you.

Social Media

In the same way, you can find events listed on social media. People will advertise opportunities in their news feed and some platforms like Facebook allow you to create events. Use the search function to look for networking opportunities using relevant keywords.

Friends and Colleagues

Keep in steady touch with friends and colleagues and you’ll naturally hear about opportunities to network. You can find great places to go through word of mouth and have someone to attend with.

The Local Business Community

Connect with your local business community and look for events happening around town. A great way to get information in one place is to join your locality’s Chamber of Commerce. Another benefit is that you’ll become better known in the offline business community.

Industry Organizations

Look for organizations in your industry that you can join. They’ll often host events where you can meet other professionals in your field. Join your university’s alumni association and look for relevant affinity organizations.

Influencers in Your Niche

Follow influencers in your niche. These are people who are the most active on social media and individuals who people listen to. They’ll often talk about events and opportunities that they’re excited about attending.

Speeches and Presentations

Although they’re not specifically designed for networking, speeches and presentations are sometimes good opportunities to network. Look for presentations where the people you would want to connect with are attending.

Create Your Own Event

Host your own networking event. You can advertise it on social media and other online marketing channels. Include speakers, activities, and refreshments to give people something to do.

Making the Most of Your Networking Opportunities

Because it takes a great deal of effort to attend networking events, you need to make each one count. Start by identifying your goal and the type of person you’d want to meet to achieve this goal. Then, for each event, research who will be there to determine if your target contact is likely to attend.

Prepare well by identifying your own unique value and creating an elevator speech that explains who you are, what you do, and the benefits of knowing you. Get organized with a plan for following up with those you meet so you can start building a lucrative relationship right away.

Power networking is a numbers game, and you learn it through trial and error, so get out there as much as you can and start meeting people today to build your business network.

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