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Affiliate Partner Program

Our vision is to help people from low income and underserved communities across America utilize their entrepreneurial spirit to create a path to economic independence.

Our focus is on removing the barriers to entrepreneurial success that often exist for minorities, women, veterans and the recently incarcerated.

Kansas City WIBO graduates

WIBO Affiliate Partner BadgeWe seek Affiliate Partners that share our mission to help enterprising men and women from underserved communities develop economic self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.

The WIBO entrepreneurial Workshops fits well within a range of technical assistance services to support access to knowledge, networks, and capital. We encourage Affiliate Partners to create additional program and events that will support WIBO graduates.

St. Louis Spring 2019 Graduates
Richmond WIBO class in session

Through the WIBO Affiliate Partner Program, you get a turnkey entrepreneurial training and support program. We work with you to build capacity locally to implement the WIBO 16-Week Workshop and other supplemental programming. Best of all, you get to leverage our 50+ years of experience.

We can help you get up and running as quickly as your organization wants to move. The most lengthy part of the process is generally the recruitment of volunteers and marketing the program.

Waco Grads and volunteers
Waco Fall 2018 Graduates

#WIBOWORKS for 50+ Years

WIBO’s “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business” has been conducted at 29 locations in 8 states, including workshops for Native Americans in South Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arizona.

WIBO’s workbook has been translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Tibetan, and Bulgarian and our workshop have been taught in the countries of Tibet, Bulgaria, and Mainland China.

WIBO graduates have a long history of getting positive news stories on their successes. Above is  3 stories on WIBO graduates from our affiliate partners.

Click on the photos to read the articles

Affiliate Partner Program Criteria

WIBO Affiliate Partners pay an annual license fee for use of our 16-week “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business” program. Affiliates also purchase workbooks from us for a nominal fee.  Our Gutenstein Family Entrepreneur Re-entry program and Patriot’s Veteran program scholarship applies to affiliate partners and we do not charge for books that will be used by those scholarship beneficiaries.

If you or your organization meet the following criteria and you want to increase economic empowerment in your communities through small business creation and ownership please contact us 646.400.0566 ext.101 or email us at admin@wibo.works.

Community need
•Strong entrepreneurial spirit
•Void in service offering for “community-based” entrepreneurs
•Sufficient audience to support two program sessions of at least 15 participants each session

Host agency
•Program coordination/administration
•Program site
•Marketing and outreach

Local founding partners
•General and administrative costs
•Program Fees

Volunteer base
•Workgroup and discussion leaders
•Participant mentors

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