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How WIBO Works

You start with

The business idea

WIBO helps you bring your business idea to life through our 16 weeks “How to Start a Profitable Business” workshop.  For 16 weeks you and others will be learning and putting into action the steps to start your business or improve an existing business. Participants in the  WIBO 16-Week Workshop gain a solid foundation to start and grow a  profitable business.

Volunteer faculty model

  • Workgroup leader – class facilitator responsible for homework review and leads first half of class; 16-week commitment
  • Discussion leader – Subject matter expert that leads second half of the class; different instructor for each topic.

Class Format

  • 3 hours
  • 1 ½ homework discussion / 1 ½ new topic discussion
  • Highly participatory
  • Case study based discussion

What you will learn

Marketing & Sales

1.Getting the Facts: Market Research

2.Identifying Your Target Market: The Message

3.Promoting Your Business: The Marketing Campaign

4.Searching for Customers: Prospecting

5.Helping People Buy: Sales

Break Even Analysis

6.Making a Profit: Pricing Strategy

7.Making a Profit: Costs

8.Making a Profit: Financial Decision Making

Financing Your Business

9.Making a Profit: Return on Investment

10.Financing Your Business Growth: Cash Flow Projections

11.Using Other People’s Money: Credit & Financing

Running Your Business

12.Investing in People: Human Resources

13. The Business Plan in Detail

14.Controlling Finances: Recordkeeping & Taxes

15.Ensuring Lasting Success: Ethics and the Law

16.Ensuring Economic Independence: Personal Finance

NYC Area Spring Classes begin in February

Fall 2018 workshop classes have started and registration is closed. Click the button to pre-register for Spring 2019 workshops at these locations:

  • Harlem
  • Brooklyn – Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation,
  • Queens – Rochdale Village Community Center,
  • The Bronx
  • Jersey City – IndieGrove Workspace
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Lower Manhattan

(classes subject to enrollment numbers, locations subject to change)

Ready to Start Your Business?

Applying to WIBO is Easy. Start Now!

1. Complete the application

This will tell us a little information about your business and your interest in WIBO. This will help us assess your readiness for the WIBO 16-Week Workshop.

At the end of the application, there will be a $25.00 non-refundable deposit to complete your submission. Once you have submitted your application, you will be able to schedule your interview.

2. The Interview

This is where we get to know you and your business personally. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions about WIBO.

WIBO is a rigorous program designed for people with serious passion and purpose who are committed to being successful business owners. If after our discussion, we determine WIBO isn’t a good fit, no worries. We’ll suggest other resources that can be helpful. We certainly encourage you to come back to us once you have a solid idea and you are really ready to commit yourself to success. If WIBO is a fit, you move on to the next step!

3. Pay and Register!

Once you receive notification of your acceptance, your next step is to process a payment. The cost for the program is $350.00 however, we have need-based scholarships available.

  • Income-based scholarship

  • Patriots Program, a scholarship for veterans

  • Fresh Start Program, a scholarship for people recently released from incarceration

Please let us know during the interview process if your income is below $50,000.00 or if you believe you are a match for one of the above scholarships.

Ready to start or grow your business?

Click on the button

As a nonprofit, we receive grants to help make the workshop affordable for our participants. The Workshop fee ranges from $100.00-$350.00 based on household income.  Once accepted, submit scholarship documentation and Pay the workshop fee.

Complete your participant profile, confirm your orientation date and get ready to start your entrepreneurial journey!

Additional Services Upon Graduation

WIBO our alumni association and our partners are here to assist you as soon as you complete the 16-week workshop. Here are some of the services you will have access to upon completion of the workshop.

Free Business Center Counseling!

At the Brooklyn Business Center operated by Restoration Corp you can meet one-on-one with a business center counselor who can help you:

  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Assist in the selection and formation of a corporation
  • Access capital providers and assist with financial documents
  • Strategy and Networking
  • MWBE application assistance

Free Financial Counseling!

At the Financial Empowerment Center operated by Restoration Corp while enrolled in the 16-week workshop. You can meet one-on-one with a financial counselor who can help you:

  • Establish or improve your credit history/score
  • Create a personal budget
  • Open a bank account
  • Reduce your debt
  • Prepare your taxes for free
  • Organize your personal and business finances

Our Partners

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