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Meet 1978
WIBO Graduate and Volunteer – Al Laporte Al Laporte The Alp Group

WIBO is honored and grateful to one of our long service volunteers still serving with us today.  In over 4 decades of service to WIBO, Al Laporte has worn a lot of hats. From Workgroup Leader conducting cohorts on Indian Reservations across the U.S. to Discussion Leader engaging budding entrepreneurs in the classroom, there’s hardly a part of the WIBO Program that Al hasn’t touched.  He wholeheartedly believes in the importance of volunteering and has no plans to slow down.

Why did you become a WIBO volunteer?

I had partnered in a remodeling business with a college buddy.  After several years in business together, I ventured out on my own. Then, I met the late Walter Geier, who encouraged me to take various WIBO classes.  The courses helped tremendously and allowed me to enjoy many years of business success.

Entrepreneurship is a path to economic empowerment for many residents in the WIBO Communities.  My main goal in volunteering was to help to build a better future for individuals. I wanted to give back the invaluable business principles I have learned from WIBO.

What is your most memorable moment or favorite story of being a volunteer?

My sense of family in WIBO allows me to meet many people who own businesses and shared ideas and experiences with them. I would say that this year would go down as the most memorable. WIBO’s ability to transition its Workshop seamlessly online has helped many people impacted by Covid-19.  It allows WIBO to have a greater impact on the communities it serves.

What message would you give to a volunteer just starting?

When you do a WIBO Program, you not only benefit your audience, but you develop yourself. You master existing skills, build new ones that will come into use in the future.

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