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2019 WIBO Waco Graduate Aniceto Charles, Jr. 

Aniceto Charles’ new authentic Jamaican Restaurant “Tru-Jamaica” was opened in January 2020. The response was immediately positive and business was flourishing.  Three months later, the State-ordered lockdown and subsequent indoor dining restrictions took a tremendous toll on the restaurant’s revenue.

Aniceto credits the power of God and WIBO’s training which allowed him to have a viable plan to receive the Federal Paycheck Protection Program and keep his staff of 11 intact.  He also developed a clear marketing strategy to boost the restaurant through social media channels. The ingredients of a successful social media campaign include knowing your target audience, message, concept, and competition.

Things will be uncertain in the restaurant industry for some time, but Tru-Jamaica is not just surviving, it is thriving in this complex market environment. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So have faith,” he says, but also have an evolving plan.

If you are in or visiting Waco, Texas – Tru Jamaica is your place to enjoy some of the best Jamaican food around.

Aniceto pictured with his Mother and Head Chef, Vivia Charles

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