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1996 Graduate and Volunteer

Anthony T. Kirby, Founder

The Philadelphia PA-based FINICKEY is a curated and hand-crafted men’s ready-to-wear and bespoke haberdashery collection. 
Anthony attended the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  He honed his skills by working for iconic men’s designers and retailers including Peter Elliot, Ralph Lauren, and Crockett & Jones. In 1995, he launched his first collection of menswear under the brand Anthony T. New York Dress Furnishings. His success inspired the creation, in 2008, of FINICKEY,  an online Haberdashery brand.
I took the WIBO 16-Week Workshop in Brooklyn, New York in 1996.  I was at an exciting and critical junction of my professional life.  I was the foundation for my vision, passion, and business. WIBO was the answer to helping my business get off the ground. The training helped me to make optimal business decisions. It also proved with certainty that entrepreneurship is needed in my community and beyond. I joined WIBO as a volunteer soon after graduating.
I left Brooklyn in 2008 and returned to Philadelphia to grow my business there. I still speak highly of the WIBO program when talking about entrepreneurship and its impact.  My entrepreneurial journey: It’s been challenging, and full of learning.  Growing a business that brings into the world your brand of expertise to stimulate your community is rewarding.
I place my future on a community growing and flourishing through entrepreneurship. I see the opportunity of a true Main Street on the rise in my community, where we’re preserving our past and building a vibrant future. A place that has a thriving local economy, is rich in character, and features “Mom and Pop” businesses that make residents and visitors feel that they belong.
Visit FINICKEY at https://www.finickey.us/
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