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1993 WIBO Graduate, Volunteer, and

Business Advisory Council  (BAC) Member 

Dr. Sandi Webster

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Pandi LLC

Co-Author of Black and White Strike Gold  

A dear friend and WIBO graduate introduced the 16-week Workshop to me as a program that would help with entrepreneurial empowerment.

I can appreciatively say WIBO helps entrepreneurs grow their communities and gives small business owners a chance to make informed decisions. The program equips you with the tools and knowledge to build, scale, and grow into successful businesses. A measure of my success is in the training that WIBO provides. I developed my idea for an investment club, “Our Ship’s Coming In” (OSCI), into a successful venture. I used the same principles learned in the Workshop to create my other business ventures, including Consultants 2 Go (C2G) in 2002 with my business partner. C2G became a multi-million-dollar company that appeared six times on the Inc. 5000 list for Fastest Growing Companies in America. We sold it in 2016.

I have served as a WIBO volunteer in many capacities throughout the years, utilizing WIBO’s business practices theory. I teach, mentor, and advise. I actively promote and introduce the Workshop in my community. Empowerment is my definition of success. Helping entrepreneurs maximize their business potential and thereby achieving their financial goals is my purpose. The world is full of enterprising people whose passion and ideas can bring economic success. I feel that success is best measured in the opportunities you give others.

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