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2013 Graduate & Volunteer
Please join us in recognizing one of WIBO’s highly valued volunteers who is using his talents as the country’s few professional funeral photographers.

Duane KnightDuane Knight, Founder of Duane Knight Funeral Photography and Author of 3 Self-Published Photography Books
I launched my photography business in 1995 to capture the spirit of Christianity in pictures. in 2010, I wanted to change the scope of my business to funeral photography after a dear family member passed away and I captured the home-going service on camera.

In 2013, when a friend recommended WIBO to me as an organization that would help you develop your ideas, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the 16-week Workshop. The class was run by an amazing facilitator, Todd Pemberton, who truly cared about each entrepreneur and went above and beyond to help bring about success for every participant. Todd recommended that I also volunteer as Work Group Leader upon graduation.

I am so grateful for WIBO. It’s a remarkable organization that helps entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. WIBO helps me to stay competitive in the current marketplace. The advice and counsel by serial entrepreneurs are invaluable in achieving my objectives. WIBO helped me to develop a well-researched business plan. WIBO enlightened me on how to pitch my business to investors in which I have been successful at growing through crowdfunding. WIBO has many attributes which include an abundance of resources for graduates.

Volunteering is my ultimate payback to WIBO who helped me on my road to success. Being a Workgroup leader brings me a sense of achievement. Whether it’s assisting someone to navigate the uncharted territory of launching a startup or offering guidance to help an established company market itself more effectively. I gained the satisfaction of knowing I am making a positive difference in the lives of people in the WIBO community; who are, in turn, improving the local economy.

More about Duane:
What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
The Legacy books that I create for families are for me the most important thing that I do. I insert images and add items to the book such as favorite poems, tributes, eulogies, and photos from life. I hope that it is some consolation to the bereaved families.

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