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2019 Graduate
When it comes to having an entrepreneurial spirit, dating & relationship coach, Elizabeth Tritsch is the perfect example of someone who had this drive from a young age. In addition to this drive, she has always wanted to help people and make a difference.

Elizabeth Tristch
Founder of Dare to Date Differently 
Named one of the 11 Female Coaches
To Follow in 2021 by
Yahoo Finance,  January 25, 2021

I always wanted to have my own business.  Even in high school, my friend and I would attend class in business suits imagining myself as a CEO. I had a few business ventures in college which inspired me to become an entrepreneur.  When my career as a leading personal stylist in the retail industry ended, I decided to develop a business around something I enjoy.  It seemed like a natural progression as I love giving dating advice and connecting my friends with potential partners.

WIBO taught me so much on many different levels.  The WIBO program gave me the knowledge and skills to create my company, Dare to Date Differently. Interacting with my peers and WIBO volunteers has proven invaluable.  The success of a coaching business is predicated on knowing your ideal client and where to find them. WIBO help me build an incredibly effective marketing strategy including qualitative and quantitative research which I used to create my distinctive brand. Despite the challenges with social media and technology, I was able to connect with people, call them to action, and help them achieve wonderful results.

I help women and heart-centered men attract, date, and build healthy relationships. I use tools and strategies with a focus on mindset and accountability within a safe supportive container.  Gratitude is the #1 factor in my foundation.  My morning ritual, which I share with my clients, includes writing down 10 gratitudes along with meditation.  By constantly evolving and learning new techniques, I’m currently learning tapping therapy to use in the programs. Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a powerful technique that eliminates negative patterns that prevent people from moving forward and finding love. I am confident that tapping will enhance my programs and deliver results quicker. I have several success stories including Penney, who found the love of her life within 2 months of working with me. They are happily building their storybook future complete with a home and a beautiful baby boy born this year on Valentine’s Day.

My intention is to build a legacy of happy, loving relationships. I intend to continue my outreach via social media and help more people find love. Long term, I want to train coaches in my methodology in order to make an impact on a wider group of people. I’m working on creating a dating app using a results-oriented algorithm and hope to raise money this year.

If you or anyone you know isn’t getting the results you want, reach out to Elizabeth below for a free Strategy Call.

Subscribe, I’m to my YT channel:  https://youtube.com/channel/UCaBVwPOfn4G4cMz5R6jFynQ

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