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1993 WIBO Graduate and Volunteer

Elroye Jones  Elroye JonesInstructional Trainer & Instructional Designer

Why did you become a volunteer with WIBO?

I volunteered as a “Workgroup leader” serving  Queens, NY right after graduating from the Workshop in 1993.  My experience as a participant in the Workshop program showed me what an amazing organization WIBO is, and how much great work the staff and volunteers do for the communities.  Truly, a life-changing experience for me. I take pleasure in building a community in which we are all working together towards common future goals.

What is the best part about volunteering with WIBO?
The most rewarding part is graduation.  The graduates moving on in the world around them with the knowledge that you had a part to play. Their development allows them to do bigger and better things, built upon those skills learned in the Workshop.  I enjoy seeing graduates grow their business beyond a side business to further develop their economic independence. The business builds a foundation for an ongoing financial enterprise. Knowing that the relationships I foster have a direct impact on the lives in the community makes it rewarding.

What have you derived as a result of volunteering with WIBO?
Building these connections through open conversations, I learned more than I otherwise would have about how I could best support my clients and their business and professional growth, which has, in turn, made me a better and more effective trainer.

Where is your business heading in 2021?
My business supports entrepreneurs on how to establish their small business website presence to network and grow their target audience.

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