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2020 WIBO Graduate, St. Louis, Mo.
Lauren Spearman, Founder/CEO
Lauren Spearman, LLC.

Lauren SpearmanBecoming an entrepreneur has been a life-changing experience for me. I am known as “The Bounce Back Advocate”, a Coach and Inspirational Speaker. I created my company to help people challenge their perspectives and limitations. My inner drive to create and forge my own path, tying it together, is my labor of love. I am also President of Bounce Back Non-Profit Organization.  We assist women with obtaining basic essentials and adopting mental health and wellness principles

WIBO was the springboard that put my goals to fruition. As an entrepreneur, being in charge of all aspects of the business is a big learning curve. The WIBO program has given me a wealth of practical knowledge. WIBO helped me to articulate and build a framework around my business. WIBO empowered me with the knowledge and skills to fully grow and scale. As a result, I received a “mini-MBA” in one semester. WIBO is unique in the ecosystem for the breadth of the resources and relationships they make available to growing a business.

It’s amazing how far hard work, determination, and WIBO can take you. Since graduating from WIBO, I have taken on the position of Chairwoman of the NAACP Young Professional Networks, St. Louis County under the leadership of President John Bowman.  The goal of the Young Professionals Network is to shape young people of color into civically engaged leaders, to effect substantive social change regionally.

The empowerment received at WIBO yielded great results. Now I help others do the same.  Changing your world enriches the entire community in an impactful way.

Lauren Spearman “The Bounce Back Advocate”

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