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1990 & 2007 WIBO Graduate/Volunteer

Lawrence McCutchen
President and CEO of MySideHustile.com
 Founder of TeamHustle.com

I took WIBO in 1990 and it left such an indelible impression on me that I returned in 2007 to refresh the high points that I had learned.  Attending the Workshop again played an integral part in me creating MySideHustle.com in 2007 and TeamHustle.com in 2016. The Workshop was an eye-opening and rewarding experience. I gained a clearer focus on ways that I can be more effective at executing vision and strategy.

Through the WIBO experience, I made a commitment to give back. I have been serving as a WIBO Volunteer since 2010.  I have found it rewarding and the free flow of information keeps me updated on current business strategies.  One of the greatest benefits of the workshop is that anyone with a side business can get the training while continuing to work full-time. Another impressive factor is that you can take the techniques and tools, and put them into action.  The ability to turn your idea or side hustle into a thriving business venture immediately after leaving the 16-week Workshop.

The WIBO business model serves as a foundation for all my business decisions and in turn, drives my coaching principles.  I want to duplicate the WIBO experience with others in my community so that they can harness their entrepreneurial potential.

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