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Lea White Young
Owner / Business Cultivating Strategist 

My name is Lea White Young.  I am a Business Cultivating Strategist.  My company, Square Biz Exchange, works with entrepreneurs who want to build and leverage a powerful professional network.  My program is meant to sustain and develop further ongoing businesses.   Leaders emerge with the skills, habits, and mindset to build and sustain the trust-based collaborative relationships needed to achieve business goals. I believe in the power of authentic and meaningful relationships, getting to know people, and hearing their stories. Maybe it’s old school, but I build my relationships, my network, one at a time.

I was introduced to WIBO, and it was the answer to what I have been searching for.  I was homeless and at wit’s end. My life is also marred by domestic violence. I wanted to improve my future and make a substantial change from my past.
WIBO helped me grow with increased confidence, greater resilience, and stronger collaborative skills.  WIBO is a community of people that center themselves around your business ideas and beliefs. I felt a strong sense of community with the instructors.  The people who were in my cohort were extremely supportive and allowed for a free flow of ideas. I have learned that entrepreneurship is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources. That’s a tremendous takeaway.

I am the manifestation of WIBO’s promise achieved!

Lea White Young

Phone: 443-303-6164
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