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2010 WIBO Graduate, Linnette Harrigan

I am the CEO and Founder of  Linnette Harrigan Media Inc., specializing in the music industry and media.  I am a performing artist, on and off-Broadway, both in the US and Europe.  In addition, I am also a composer and songwriter. Before attending WIBO in 2010, I wanted to transition my career to an executive role in the Music industry and have more control of my livelihood.  I took WIBO to develop the mindset and skills that would allow me to gain more traction in the marketplace.  WIBO’s experiential learning help me acquire knowledge in the “real world” of business such as finance, sales, marketing, and management, not to mention, broader ranging skills such as adaptability, effective communication, and confidence.  I recently won the “Music Business Specialist of Year “ – USA category at the 2020 Corporate Vision Media Innovator Awards for considerable growth in the music industry.

The pandemic has dealt a major blow to many artists and other professionals working in the music industry. Some of those professionals were forced to seek more mobile and web-based opportunities to keep their lives and careers afloat.  In response to this, my company developed and recently launched our first mobile app, ELEVATE YOUR MUSIC ™.  The app is especially useful for many segments of independent music artists, producers, songwriters, publishers, composers as well as industry professionals and music fans. The Elevate Your Music mobile app comes with many features providing users with inspirational content along with resources and opportunities to thrive amid very challenging times in today’s world.

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