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WIBO Volunteer Highlight 

Michael Bendit
Michael BenditManaging Director & Founder of Software Development Resources, Inc.

Michael started his business consultancy in 1993 to help technology clients carve out market niches and launch new products and services. He later launched Software Development Resources to assist businesses in sourcing teams for web and mobile development projects. A consummate networker, Michael recently launched the Trusted Referral Network, a national network of independent marketing, sales, and advertising professionals.

Michael’s passion for technology and business started with his dual degree in computer science engineering and finance at the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an MBA from Columbia University.
I was recommended to WIBO by Dan Hoffman, an alumnus from my alma mater and current WIBO Board Member. WIBO’s history, curriculum, and commitment to the future of its community inspired me to contribute my support.

Volunteering with WIBO truly reflects my core values. My education and experience are a perfect match to bring into the classroom. I am deeply involved with the mission of entrepreneurship. I know the transformative impact that WIBO’s program has on the entrepreneur’s journey. WIBO helps entrepreneurs overcome challenges and being a small part of that process is uniquely rewarding.

How do you scale your business? As a discussion leader for the legendary “Breakeven” section, I enjoy helping entrepreneurs better navigate and understand their business through numbers. Understanding numbers is really about delivering value to clients (internal or external) and making the right decisions to effect positive change. “Breakeven” creates a roadmap for moving from a state of financial uncertainty to one of sustainable profitability.

I’ve learned how incredibly passionate WIBO’s graduates are about making a positive difference in their communities. It is gratifying to see entrepreneurs use their collective power and business acumen to advance their dreams, turn them into creative solutions, and drive economic empowerment.
Michael is a key member of our volunteer community who continues to be an important part of the WIBO Family.

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