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2015 WIBO Graduate

Michael LoganMichael Logan, Owner of Logan Photography and Video (Drones)
I am an educator with a vast knowledge of technology.  I ran into trouble with the law and served time in prison.  When released, I became determined to restart and improve life for myself, my family, and my community.  My search for avenues to increase my business acumen lead me to WIBO.

I took the WIBO 16-weeks Program and found the following:

The strong business background they gave me and the marketing ideas that they championed. The importance of understanding clearly the local laws in business, tax structure, and many other aspects of operating a successful business.

I can point to many areas that allow me to achieve success. The most important one is The Gutenstein Foundation Entrepreneurial Re-entry Program.  It is very instrumental in allowing justice-involved individuals access to entrepreneurial training.

I found the workshop extremely beneficial.  The interactions between the workgroup leader, discussion leaders, and peers proved very effective in leveraging existing knowledge.  Sharing knowledge is the most powerful way to develop a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurs.
My business is advancing well, as this industry remains resilient despite emerging challenges.  I have seen a significant uptick in business during the last six months.  My company is increasingly delivering critical, contactless solutions across a diversity of markets. As a result of my business success, I resumed my teaching career and as well as other accomplishments.

The road map to a successful business is a combination of hard work and a strong belief in your ability to achieve your set goals.  I believe you can achieve your goals by utilizing programs available to you. To transcend: It’s what every individual with justice involvement needs to do to find success. Perseverance and self-determination are vital—daily!

I share my experiences and challenges to engage and empower disenfranchised people on the value of going after their dreams.

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