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Affiliate Partner & Volunteer
WIBO Bridgeport, Connecticut
Natalie Pryce
Pryceless Consulting, LLC.
Natalie is the recipient of a One Hundred Women of Color Award and honored as one of Fairfield Country’s 40 under 40. In addition to her accomplishments, she is a TEDx Speaker. 
Natalie established Pryceless Consulting in 2009.  Pryceless Consulting offers coaching and strategy sessions to entrepreneurs and career professionals who want to accelerate their journey to success.  In 2018, Natalie opened CoLLab Exchange on Bridgeport’s Main Street.  CoLLab Exchange is a community development initiative that launches Bridgeport-based retail brands.  Members receive co-working space, workshops, and access to resources.
Natalie is also co-founder and Director of Business and Workforce Development at Led By Us & Associates, whose mission is to reinvigorate marginalized communities by executing initiatives that reflect the existing community and revitalizes the value of space and place.
WIBO has had a foothold in the Bridgeport community for over 20 years, which ended in 2018. The revitalization of this cohort is attributed to Natalie.  Her timing could not be more perfect.  She championed efforts for a thriving commercial corridor that reduced inequities based on class, gender, and race. Strengthening entrepreneurship in underserved communities is fundamental to give them access to broader opportunities. Natalie is working to level the playing field particularly for women and people of color—in all places. Closing the opportunity gap and scaling creative solutions to persistent problems.  Natalie advocates that people who are closest to problems are often best placed to devise and deliver the most effective solutions. It is thus essential that entrepreneurs from underserved communities get better access to support tailored to their needs.
Natalie has established suites of entrepreneurial offerings that augment Bridgeport’s economic development, such as the 90 days business mentorship. There are pop-up shops for authors, artists, and a Farmer’s market.   Bridgeport is at the core of everything Natalie represents. Ownership, participation, and responsibility.  All three of these “pillars” support communities in one way or another. It’s Natalie’s belief that we all have unique gifts to contribute to the community around us.
Natalie is motivated by the opportunities that she provides to start-up entrepreneurs.  Her vision is to expand WIBO Bridgeport so that others can feed into it. WIBO’s vast network is the ideal conduit for that expansion. Her comprehensive approach makes it a valuable model for other local areas to consider.
That is the spirit of a WIBO Affiliate/Partner.   Get a copy of our WIBO Affiliate Partner Program Overview here
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