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WIBO Graduate Spotlight
Princess Jenkins, Owner of the Brownstone, located in heart of Harlem, NYC

Recapturing the magic of customer experiences post Covid-19

Princess Jenkins, Owner of the Harlem BrownstoneThe Brownstone has come through hard times and often traumatic events before but today what feels different is the timeline.  Forced to shut down operations for 3 months, faced with a limited customer flow upon reopening, and a looming economic recession, this uncertain timeline leaves Princess Jenkins to draw on WIBO’s training to chart the course for her Boutique and its stakeholders without knowing what the future holds.

The Brownstone empowers women to present themselves fashionably at any social event and her success at curating styles and fashion has generated a loyal following of clients. The Brownstone is recognized as one of the top 25 Boutiques in the Country. The revenue loss from providing her clients with a personalized experience has been severely impacted. However,  Princess Jenkins’s ability to build a lasting bond with her stakeholders is one centered on trust and honesty.  She kept in touch and communicated her business decisions. Being transparent to your customer is one of the most essential tools in the WIBO handbook.

Currently, Princess Jenkins is working on enhancing the Brownstone website to provide a unique online shopping experience with multiple layers of value to its loyal customer base.   Princess Jenkins continued success along with other businesses in the Harlem Community is an uplifting example to follow.

THE BROWNSTONE: 24 East 125th Street, New York, NY 10035
Telephone: 212.996.7980  https://www.thebrownstonewoman.com/

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