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Meet 2020 WIBO Graduates &    Waco, Texas Affiliate/Partner
Rocky and Keshia Miller 
East Waco Empowerment Project 

In 2004, we opened Prosperity Tax Service in Waco, Texas to provide our community with tax preparation and long-term wealth-building services. Our business continued a steady growth throughout the years.  In 2015, we established our second business called Prosperity Travel Group.  And, in 2016, The East Waco Empowerment Project became our 3rd enterprise. It is a nonprofit organization with the objective of economic development through entrepreneurship in Waco’s underserved communities. Our vision is that one day every person will discover that he or she has been empowered to make a difference. One of our most important events during the Christmas holiday is called Feast In The East.  As part of a collective community effort, we feed those families experiencing hunger and homelessness. This event grew over the year to serve approximately 1,200 people in the Waco community. This year, we are delivering meals to those families in need.
We were introduced to WIBO in 2019 through Megan Henderson, the Executive Director at City Center Waco. The Center is geared towards strengthening the business districts in City Center neighborhoods.  City Center was conducting a WIBO cohort and needed seasoned business owners to facilitate the training.  Keshia and I volunteered with the objective to encourage a robust local entrepreneurial economy that leads to more opportunities for local residents. We were very excited about WIBO and wanted an in-depth look at the Workshop’s practical application.  We took the online WIBO Workshop as participants and graduated in the Summer of 2020.
As facilitators, we learned that the principles of WIBO’s program are applicable to any business model that exists.  Launching, team building, all the way to marketing and branding your product or service.  We developed a thorough understanding of the WIBO Organization and its impact on empowering individuals. WIBO taught us how to effectively grow the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Waco. We now possess the strategies and tools to help the small business community develop its own business model.
While the pandemic vastly curtailed some of our business models, we launched in the Fall of 2020 our 4th business, Slow Burn Mobile Cigar Lounge.comCigars have been a passion of ours for a long time.  Again, WIBO’s business principles allowed us to transition to a market that includes over 12.3 million people worldwide who consider themselves cigar aficionados.
The bedrock of business is all about partnership. It’s our responsibility to make sure our city’s lifeblood is sustained, merchants and small business owners.  We want to build stronger communities from the bottom up by making quality job creation the new norm and opportunity for all residents of Waco’s underserved communities.  We will continue to do everything we can to make Waco grow.
The East Waco Empowerment Project will be offering WIBO’s Virtual Workshops throughout 2021.
If you would like to be a sponsor or donate funds to the Feast In the East, click here Go fund me

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