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2010 WIBO Graduate and Volunteer

Ron Johnson
Triton Consulting NYC, LLC

Ron JohnsonI decided entrepreneurship was the best route for me while working in the corporate world. I had always dreamt of running my own business, a restaurant, something small and simple…serving awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.

While researching and gathering information on the restaurant industry, I met Farid Ali Lancheros, co-owner of the popular and well-respected restaurants, Bogota Latin Bistro & Mojito Bar, Miti Miti Modern Mexican, Medusa Greek Taverna (all located in Park Slope Brooklyn), and Miti Miti Latin Street Food, located in South Orange, New Jersey.  Farid made a profound impact on my entrepreneurial journey. He helped me to navigate the landscape and recommended that I take the WIBO Workshop. Farid and his partner, George Constantinou are both WIBO graduates.

The shift in mindset started the minute I entered the WIBO classroom.  Stephen Jackson (now WIBO’s CEO) left such an impression on me.  He asked one question that still resonates with me today. WIBO provides an organic community. The program instills entrepreneurial habits that give you such a differential advantage.  WIBO teaches the roots of entrepreneurship, and the training received holds you accountable for your success.  We go in there with dreams and aspirations and leave with the foundation and tools to move them forward.

I started my business doing pop-ups on the weekends to develop enough cash for a restaurant.  I opened my restaurant, and it became the #1 restaurant in Prospect Heights and Top 100 places to eat in Brooklyn. It stayed open for several years until the revenue did not meet the expenses. I had to close down, pivoting from the original plan altogether. I went back to corporate life only to realize that I did not fit in. A discussion with my Mother generated a new way of turning my passion into a different field.

I want to distill elements of my life into the business. My experience as WIBO Facilitator and Discussion Leader led to me teaching entrepreneurship in public school. I now teach youths how to become the creator of their future, regardless of whether they start a business. By developing the entrepreneurial mindset and economic principles built for prosperity.

Looking back at the experiences that brought me to this moment, the first business was the channel that bridged my purpose to life.  WIBO helped me to make an impact in a way I uniquely can.

Thank you WIBO for being the organization that teaches the business experience.

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