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2019 WIBO Graduate

Rupinder Singh, Owner

The Demure Collection

Luxury E-commerce Womenswear Apparel specializing in limited quantities of carefully-curated clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories

Adapting to the “new normal” has several connotations for entrepreneur Rupinder Singh who recently established her online boutique, The Demure Collection last month.  In February 2020, Rupinder relocated from New York City to Miami in hopes of establishing her store.  The following month, Rupinder’s plans for a brick-and-mortar boutique were no longer a viable option when the Pandemic struck.  With so many uncertainties, Rupinder utilizes her WIBO training to pivot completely and develop a new marketing strategy.  The changes that Rupinder made allowed her to transition over to digital channels seamlessly.  Most importantly, Rupinder re-evaluated and adapted to the needs of her potential customers in the present environment.

Coming soon, Rupinder will unveil an exciting new online experience. Rupinder recognizing the challenges and deploying the tools and technologies charted a new, more adaptive course.

Contact Rupinder at info@thedemurecollection.com

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