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2005 WIBO Graduate, Sherwin XL

Actor, Stand Up Comedian & Recording Artist.

Best known for appearances in the Award Winning Web-Comedy Series: “Pop Pop Dirty Foots” (Filmed By: Chris Frederick), Multi-Award Winning Film: “The Starks Coalition” and Production Assistant of Harris Haith Productions Award-Winning Documentary “Land of the Legendary: Roosevelt Strong Island”.   

In 2015, Sherwin XL was awarded a Citation in recognition of his Leadership, service, and commitment to his Community.  Sherwin XL is currently featured in a book by Award-Winning Author: Eartha Watts-Hicks entitled “Thinking Of A Master Plan: The Planner”.



Sherwin XL at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club

What Led You To WIBO?

I was introduced to WIBO by Glenn-Foye C.Stewart who attended and graduated from the 16-Week Program.  In spite of all my artistic talents, I needed business skills to turn my craft into a sustainable career. It’s not enough to survive on talent alone. If I wanted to be successful in this industry, it was time to put on that entrepreneurial hat.

What Part Of the WIBO Program Did You Find Most Interesting?

One of the things I truly found uniquely rewarding about WIBO was the fact that it provides you with the trajectory regardless of the business you’re creating.  The Program really helped me build a solid foundation around the legal aspects as well as hiring and putting together a team that will embrace my mission and vision.

What Impact Did WIBO Have On Your Career?

I was able to expand my career on many levels. WIBO gave me the ability to select great people that supported and enhanced my business ideas.

My very first experience of entrepreneurship, where I utilized those principles learned in WIBO and put them into practice, was when I met with Harris Haith, CEO, and founder of “Harris Haith Productions”, “Global Fan Draft” and Author of the book “Growing Up Laughing With Eddie Murphy”.  He and his awesome business partner Frank Melli of Frank Melli Productions, Co-Founder of Provide TV and TV Editor of PIX11 and 2-time Emmy Award Winning Anchorman/Media Icon: Bill McCreary, were all very important mentors in achieving and guiding my success.

I would also like to give an honorable mention and thank another person I’ve done great business with as Master of Ceremonies at his 21st year Black Tie Gala Mr.Alex Askew, President of BCA Global, a national non-profit, culinary/foodservice, and hospitality career advancement organization.

What Is Your Outlook For The Future?

My outlook for the future is to continue my success and give back to my community.  I was raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and I currently reside in Roosevelt, New York.

I plan on launching an online talk show, creating a support group for other artists, and lastly releasing an alternative stand-up comedy album infused with music in 2021.

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