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Introducing St. Louis 2020 WIBO Graduate

Tamia Coleman-Hawkins, 14-year-old    
Founder & CEO of Mia’s Treats Delight 

With the strong support of her mother, Tamishio Hawkins, Tamia was encouraged to create a livelihood that would feed her passion. Taking beloved tricks and tips from her grandmother, Tamia developed a recipe that was uniquely her own. Excited by her passion for baking and prospects of where it could take her, Tamia started up Mia’s Treats Delight, her very own bakery business at 8 years old after taking an economic class in third grade.

On October 25, 2020, Mia’s Treats Delight celebrated 5 years in business.

A WIBO graduate suggested that Tamia take the Workshop. Tamia found that the Program gave her sound business theories.

“WIBO improved my business skills. I learned some key concepts which are essential to growing my business. I understand how to evaluate my costs, how to protect and maximize my profit margins. WIBO is a resource that I will continue to lean on to accomplish my strategy for a commercial kitchen and bakery in the near future”.

Tamia is also a community activist.  Her keen interest in helping individuals in her community is an important part of her business model. Tamia shares her success on so many levels. She is encouraging youths in the inner city to own a business based on their passion and is working on developing a youth baking program.

Tamia looks forward to referring others to make their dreams a reality through a WIBO Workshop.

You can contact Mai Treats Delight below.






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