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2010 WIBO Graduate, Workgroup & Discussion Leader

Tamika Mapp

Tamika is a military veteran, a true entrepreneur, and a community activist who was recently elected to State Committeewoman now running for City Council. Tamika has fought hard for every success – one of perseverance and overcoming adversity. Tamika’s drive to help entrepreneurs grow their business is a manifestation of the WIBO’s promise achieved.

Tamika supports small business owners through the complexities of funding, financials, risk assessments, and business survival.  She imparts directions to maximize business growth through ongoing strategies.  With proper financial planning, she helps put your company in the right position to grow. The key for businesses is to have a flexible business plan that gives them the ability to make adjustments.

Tamika tells business owners that in the midst of this uncertainty and hardship, there are opportunities to make changes. It’s a wonderful reminder of the strength and generosity of people in business.

Tamika is committed to helping others.

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