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WIBO Built Business Stories

The Grant Family

Andrew O Grant
Dr. Stacie NC Grant
The Grant family is proud to be a part of the WIBO Legacy. Dr. Stacie NC Grant was the first to enroll in WIBO in Spanish Harlem in 1995 and graduated as the Class Speaker. Andrew Grant graduated from WIBO in Queens, NY in 2004, and their eldest son Josiah Grant is currently enrolled in the Virtual WIBO class of Fall 2020.
In the words of Dr. Grant, “I was blessed to find out about WIBO, during a time in my life when I was searching for how to share my gifts and talents with the world.  I knew working for someone else for the rest of my life was not what I desired to do. My entrepreneurial spirit was stifled clocking in daily to do work that didn’t truly fulfill me. WIBO provides comprehensive training on how to build the components for a successful business enterprise. I call WIBO an MBA in a box. It is a very intense commitment with regards to your time and homework but the good news is you can revisit the lessons throughout the stages of your business growth. Additionally, you have a lifelong WIBO network of experts and alumni to learn and grow from during your entrepreneurial journey.”
In the words of Andrew Grant, “I got involved while I had a 9 to 5 job because I understood what was going to be necessary if I wanted to change the trajectory of my family legacy.  I joined WIBO and truly got way more than I bargained for.  For starters, I did not know that I would have homework.  I thought I left those days behind me, but I quickly realized that it was totally necessary. You can’t expect a business that you don’t know the details about how to be successful and WIBO forces you to pay attention to the details.  How to Market, How to Sell, Pricing Strategy, and Cost Analysis are details that our instructors made sure that we fully understood as they pertained to each of our individual businesses.  I would never claim that I know all that there is to know about running a small business but I can confidently say that WIBO has given me an extremely solid foundation for me to learn and build upon.”
Josiah Grant is excited to follow his parent’s journey to becoming a proud WIBO Alumni. “I have watched my Mom build her business for my entire life and now I am excited to explore how my talent and passion can build my business and expand the legacy my parents have created for my brother and I.”
Andrew O. Grant is an IT Infrastructure Engineer at HBO (Home Box Office) and the founder of Granted Group Productions, LLC. Since 2017, Granted Group Productions has provided customized quality photography, videography, audiovisual, and event DJ Entertainment services.  In addition to his professional career, his commitment to service is admirable. Andrew served as the Scout Master in The Boy Scouts of America, Inc. Troop 263 in Hollis, NY for over a decade and is now the Assistant Scoutmaster. He is also an active member of Ezekiel’s House of Prayer, Inc. where he serves as a Prayer Warrior and is the Treasurer of the Men’s Group.  Andrew currently resides in Queens New York with his lovely wife of 24 years, Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant, the Chief Faithpreneur®, and his two sons Josiah & Jeremy. With God as his guide, he will continue to be a role model to our youth and be of service to our global community.
Dr. Stacie NC Grant is an award-winning international speaker, a best-selling author, influencer, producer, and the founder of Destiny Designers University® a transformative training and development platform for Faithpreneurs® – faith-based entrepreneurs. The curriculum is a unique suite of live and self-directed study on every aspect of entrepreneurship, which includes her signature Faithpreneur® success curriculum based on Dr. Grant’s best-selling book “Action Action Despite The Distraction…7 Life Lessons to Thrive & Live Your Destiny Now!”. Find more information at www.DestinyDesignersUniversity.com. Annually, Destiny Designers University® produces FaithpreneurWeekend™ an annual gathering of Faithpreneurs® (faith-based entrepreneurs) who grow their wealth-generating practices around an affinity to God and FAITH. Find out more information at www.FaithpreneurWeekend.com 
Additionally, in 2016 Dr. Grant founded C&G Enterprises Unlimited, LLC an MWBE firm that focuses on providing professional and dependable services to businesses and organizations to maximize their strengths and achieve their goals in the areas of meeting facilitation, professional development training, and professional decontamination services. C&G Enterprises Unlimited, LLC was tapped as the MWBE Firm selected to be the Facilitator for the JFK Airport Redevelopment Advisory Council, a 13 billion dollar redevelopment project. www.CGEUNLIMITED.com.
As a media personality and producer, Dr. Grant hosts the following shows weekly on the DestinyDesignersTV: Dream*Do*Done Accountability Podcast, From The Ground Up; Real-Time Issues with Real-Time Solutions for MWBEs; Speaking Legally; Where The Legal Meets The Cultural, SEQ Moves (Southeast Queens NY Health Initiative) and the IG Live show #FaithBites. Replays of her weekly Saturday Faithprenuer® VIP Prayer Call are available on I-Heart, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and YouTube. Dr. Grant is also one of the co-hosts for The Vera Moore TV Show.
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