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2012 WIBO Graduate

Tinnette Spann on the left with WIBO Program Manager Tamika Bedeau

Tinnette Spann

Ms. Spudz – Everything Potato “No” Gravy

At a very young age, the spirit of entrepreneurship was embedded in my vision.   After spending some time working in the corporate world, I realized it was time to put the effort towards my business goals.  I embarked on a journey to share my love of potatoes with the world.  With an eye on effecting positive change, Ms. Spudz Everything Potato “No” Gravy LLC was created.   My love of food made it possible to combine the heart of my business with the heart of the community.

I took the WIBO Workshop based on its reputation in the community and success in helping entrepreneurs, especially women. Being a Black female entrepreneur, I can identify with the obstacles that face us.  As an entrepreneur, I realized that it requires learning the business on so many levels – from strategy, sales, marketing, and service.  Each one of these areas is a universe unto itself. WIBO helped me to build a viable concept.  I was challenged to grow my capabilities in a myriad of ways. I learned productivity, sales, mentors and peers, resilience from mistakes, overall persistence, optimism, and, most importantly, making people happy with my product.  I embraced all aspects of the WIBO Program and repeatedly use my workbook for growth inspiration.

Having done thousands of events since inception, I launched Ms. Spudz EPNG Food Truck. I wanted to take my gourmet meals directly into the neighborhoods. Expanding my brand to other communities allows me to engage with my customers authentically.  Nothing motivates me more than seeing the joy on a happy customer’s face.

My entrepreneurial endeavors provide the opportunity for me to give back a portion of my revenue to feed the homeless and other less fortunate people. The gift of giving was inherited from my grandmother.

I believe everyone has meaningful opportunities to drive impact—one where we achieve more together than we can apart. Go for what you want and trust the process. Waking up every morning and loving what I do is my dream come true.

Coming to your Neighborhood! 

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