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Meet 2003
WIBO Graduate and Volunteer
2010 Walter Geier Inspiration Award Recipient

Todd Pemberton
Founder & President
Bugs Are Gone Exterminating, LLC

My entrepreneurial journey started with a very simple objective. I wanted to work for myself and build a sustainable business that would serve my community. I took the WIBO Program to improve my entrepreneurial knowledge and develop skills that will be instrumental in the growth of my business. I wanted to expand upon and connect the dots in areas like marketing, sales skills, and human resources.

WIBO helped me navigate potential pitfalls in identifying my target market, pricing, and legal issues. The overall experience gave me a strong foundation to create and continue a successful business. The fundamentals that WIBO teaches are applicable to all business ventures. I am growing 3 distinctive businesses now (Bugs are Gone Exterminating, A Credit Repair business for individuals, and a Wholesale Real Estate Company). In 2021, I plan to open my 4th business, a virtual assistant service for real estate businesses.

I volunteered in 2004 to serve as a WIBO Workgroup leader and Ambassador. The skills and knowledge I’ve acquired from WIBO inspired and influenced me to give back. It’s a way for me to help new entrepreneurs navigate through their own business journeys. Since 2008, I have been actively involved in The Gutenstein Foundation Entrepreneurial Re-entry Program, visiting both state and federal penitentiaries, mentoring people on how to become successful business owners. In addition, about 90 percent of the people I employed in my exterminating business over the years have been through the prison system. I am driven to see lives transforming in powerfully tangible ways.

I am extremely grateful for the WIBO experience and the privilege to be a part of its mission. I also am appreciative of the knowledge, tutelage, and experiences I have received from my Workgroup and Discussion leaders, as well as the Management staff.

My ongoing commitment to entrepreneurship, volunteering, community development, and minority advancement and education to empower current and future business owners with resources needed to sustain a lucrative business, while inspiring them to reach back and uplift their surrounding communities will sustain me for many years.

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