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2018 WIBO Graduate Tracey Boyce Mejia

Tracey Boyce Mejia

Founder and Creative Director of Perry Boyce


Home fragrance luxe brand offering scented candles, room sprays, bath salts, and gift items.

Tracey launched Perry Boyce in 2016, and the business had difficulty sustaining itself.  As a direct result of graduating from the WIBO Workshop in 2018, Tracey’s business sales soared 300%.  WIBO taught Tracey how to value her products in the marketplace, which unlocked its business growth.

Tracey’s business fell into the same financial crisis that many brick-and-mortar stores experienced when the Pandemic hit. Its primary revenue came from in-person sales and pop-up events.  In addition, the local shops carrying Perry Boyce products were also impacted.  The business was financially at an end. Tracey revised her business model and came up with new ways of promoting her brand digitally, including online directory platforms for Black-owned businesses.  Tracey can pinpoint the overwhelming support received from her existing customers as well as the local community. That made it possible for Tracey to pivot Perry Boyce to new heights despite the economic downturn.

Tracey is very optimistic about Perry Boyce’s future, especially as we head into the holidays where her products will bring delight to any home.




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