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The Gutenstein Foundation Entrepreneurial Re-entry Program was created to provide entrepreneurship opportunities to people who were formerly incarcerated. There are still employers who are uneasy about hiring people who were formerly incarcerated and for those individuals with the passion and desire to create a better life for themselves and their families, the path to business ownership may be the answer. The Gutenstein family has been a strong supporter of the Re-entry program for several years ensuring that formerly incarcerated people get a 2nd chance at becoming productive citizens.  The re-entry program was named for the Gutenstein Family in honor of their commitment to this important cause.

95% of people incarcerated in state prisons will be released back to their communities at some point. However, nearly two-thirds of formerly incarcerated individuals find themselves back in prison in just three years. Entrepreneurship provides several benefits for the formerly incarcerated and society.

  • Our Re-entry program reduces recidivism by creating successful business owners.
  • These entrepreneurs, in turn, hire other formerly incarcerated individuals which also reduces recidivism.
  • Entrepreneurs strengthen communities through economic empowerment.
  • Business ownership is the number one way to create generational wealth that can be passed down to future generations.

WIBO works to turn recently incarcerated people into entrepreneurs to reduce recidivism rates.  

  • WIBO and our affiliates offer full scholarships to recently incarcerated people to attend our 10-week or 16-week “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business” workshop. 
  • We present entrepreneur workshops at halfway house facilities in the New York area.

Currently, we are offering our 10-week “How to Build a Profitable Business” workshop online and we are accepting reentry participants from all over the country. If you have been released from incarceration in the past 24 months and want to start your own profitable business, click this link and fill out the form for our next 10-week cohort. 

One of our Re-Entry Graduate's Success Story

Company: T & D Madison Paralegal Services
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Graduate: DialloRafik Madison

Diallo is one of WIBO Gutenstein Foundation Entrepreneurial Re-entry Program’s Success stories. In August of 2010, Diallo heard about WIBO during a reentry event at Osborne Association in Brooklyn and immediately signed up for a class. He went on to be selected as the class speaker for his South Bronx class and has since become a WIBO volunteer as a workgroup leader in multiple locations.

He is currently going to school to finish his law degree. Diallo was honored in 2013 by Sheneese Starr & LyToya from The Recognize The Real Ceremony for all of his outstanding achievements and participation in the community. Diallo has received a letter of citation from Senator Bill Perkins and a letter of endorsement from Judge Greg Mathis for community service.

If you were recently incarcerated then you can apply for the Gutenstein Foundation Entrepreneurial Re-entry Program scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, fill out the scholarship application form on the right, book your interview and during the interview, you will learn if you qualify for the scholarship. Submit the appropriate documentation and you are in. If you have any questions about the scholarship or applying to WIBO’s 10-week or 16-week workshop contact us at 646.400.0566 ext 125 or email admin@wibo.works 

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