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Adrienne Whaley, MBA, MS.Ed., SAS is the Executive Director of Innovations In Creative Arts and Queens Center Of The Arts.  As former special education teacher and school administrator,  Ms. Whaley has also been an Adjunct at Long Island Business Institute and a freelance customer service trainer for several local businesses.  Having been raised in an artistic family, living in a musically historic neighborhood, Ms. Whaley was eventually able to integrate her passion with credentials and experiences to open two creatively based centers in her community.

As an alumnus, she credits WIBO for offering an affordable entrepreneurial program, well designed for those who have little background understanding of, and experience in starting and sustaining a business.  “Especially for those whose passion lies outside of the box, a training program is a must as the failure statistics of new businesses still prove. In our community, most business owners are the first generation and while the idea may be solid, the execution of, and frame of references as to what to do if… are often lacking.

In addition, customer service, follow-up, owning mistakes, and remaining flexible seem to be key areas where many minority business lack know-how.  We also need to focus on collaborating, cross-promoting, and building strong bonds with other local business owners. We must make time to become a stronger community of local small businesses.”   She has also served as a facilitator, she credits WIBO for providing her with a deeper understanding of the ins-and-outs of grassroots start-ups and helped prepare her for the many challenges that entrepreneurs frequently face in an ever-changing customer-driven marketplace.

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