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Welcome to WIBO

For more than 50 years the Workshop in Business Opportunities “WIBO” has taught more than 18,000 business owners how to grow a sustainable business through our 16 weeks “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business”workshop.

WIBO Programs

Review our WIBO programs that develop Successful Entrepreneurs like our 16-week “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business.”workshop and our WIBO Academy for WIBO graduates that have moved beyond the startup phase of their business.

Affiliate Partner Program

WIBO’s Affiliate Partner Program matches with local and national organizations that use our workshop course to increase economic development in their communities.

Donate to WIBO

A donation to WIBO is an investment in families and communities that are striving to live the American Dream. Your investment help creates entrepreneurs,who create jobs and empower neighborhoods.

Volunteer w/WIBO

As a WIBO volunteer,you will find the rewards great and your talents well utilized. As a volunteer,you are helping new entrepreneurs who will help their families and communities.

Why WIBO is the leader in teaching Entrepreneurs since 1966.

The WIBO workbook is designed to assist you in taking the needed steps to start and grow your business. Our workshops are based on peer to peer learning and immediately putting acquired knowledge into action steps.

Understand the numbers

Learn how to calculate your break even and be able to articulate the feasibility of your business for potential financial opportunities.

Learn from business experts

Your class facilitator and your volunteer instructors are experts in their respective fields,and they are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Build your business network

In addition to the business experts who you’ll meet,your peer entrepreneurs will become an amazing network of support as you continue in your entrepreneurial journey

Develop a plan for success

During your 16 week experience,you’ll crystallize your plan to move from having an idea in your head to a real plan for action written on paper.

Be apart of an AMAZING business family

WIBO graduates are doing business all around the country and as a WIBO alumnus you get access to our growing family of entrepreneurs

Lifetime support for your business

As your business grows and evolves you may face new challenges and the WIBO family will be there to assist your growing company.

Waco Grads And Volunteers
Waco Grads And Volunteers

NYC Area Classes will begin in Spring 2020

The 2020 Spring season of WIBO workshops are scheduled to begin in late February at the following locations:
Central Brooklyn –Restoration Plaza
Harlem –Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Bldg.
Lower Manhattan –Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY)
The Bronx –Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY)

WIBO's Impact

Since 1966 WIBO has made substantial gains in underutilized communities through our 16-week workshop.

  • WIBO's Impact...65% of WIBO entrepreneurs are African-American
  • WIBO's Impact...82% of WIBO entrepreneurs are women
  • WIBO's Impact...50% of WIBO business owners report the business is their main source of income
  • WIBO's Impact...Over 54%'>0
WIBO Affiliates

We Are A Leader In The Entrepreneurial Development Industry.

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1-646-400-0566 admin@wibo.works

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