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Chris Dlugozima is a Certified Consumer Credit Educator with Green Path Financial Wellness. With over fifteen years of
experience counseling individuals in financial difficulty, Mr. Dlugozima educates people in New York and around the
country on a variety of financial literacy topics. His presentations reach groups from all walks of life, including high
schools, substance abuse programs, senior living facilities, and F.B.I. employees. He has been featured on WABC TV,
The New York Daily News and the New York Times. He has appeared on NY 1’s Money Matters segment 12 times.
Chris serves as the co-chair of the Long Island chapter of Home Smart NY and is a founding member of the Westchester
Financial Education Alliance, which organizes the annual Financial Education Day event at Westchester Community
College. In his spare time, Chris does SAT/ACT tutoring and volunteers for the Make a Wish foundation. Chris lives in
Rockland County, about an hour north of New York City, with his wife Deb and beagle mix, Apple.

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