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Kevin Gilbert is a woman on a mission to empower individuals to improve their lives, families, and communities
through personal growth and income self-sufficiency.

She is the Founder and CEO of GILBERT INTERNATIONAL, a Property Management and Facilities Support company that operates in New York and New Jersey, providing all aspects of Facilities Support to mid-size and large institutions. From Property Management to Janitorial, a seamless cooperation with clients produces outstanding results and a very cost-effective solution. The clients, some of the Fortune 100, recognize her focus on providing Facilities Managers with peace of mind in an ever stressful world and providing employees with stable jobs and benefits to support their families’ well-being and personal growth.

She is a graduate of the New York University Leonard Stern School of Business with a degree in Accounting and Finance.

In her prior career, Kevin worked as a CPA for a medium-size firm in Manhattan, focusing on adding value to privately-owned small businesses and their entrepreneurial owners.

Kevin feels immensely blessed and believes ‘paying it forward’ is the only way to live, and therefore has sat on the Board of non-profit institutions and/or volunteered in their ranks. As globalization and technology changes in the workforce landscape continue to make many traditional jobs obsolete, she is relentless in coaching budding entrepreneurs on their way to success and self-sufficiency for the benefit of their families and communities.

She is an avid learner, always looking to improve things around her, and lives in Long Island, NY, with husband Robert, daughter Sonia Sky, mom Helen and pet Peggy.

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