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Leona Frett Founder, Frett Knott Group. LLC

Leona Frett is a dynamic entrepreneur and integrated marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience, leading brands, building relationships and developing savvy and performance driven campaigns for her clients.  Leona’s expertise includes branding, marketing/digital strategy, research and diverse/multi-cultural consumer segments. Leona’s experience spans across several industries: retail, financial services, technology, pharma, beauty, and entertainment.  Leona’s clients include leading boutique and global agencies and brands such as The White House Office of Drug Control Policy, Sprite, American Express, Verizon, United States Census, Prudential, Walmart, Kroger, and Clorox.

As an entrepreneur, Leona has extended her capacity to maximize revenues for her retail business, fellow entrepreneurs and small business clients. She consults and facilitates business workshops on branding, social media, marketing, and research. Leona has earned 3 degrees from New York University including an M.S. in Integrated Marketing. She is Google Certified and holds other business training certificates. She’s married and lives in Tortola and New York. Leona loves entertaining, interior design, traveling and experiencing different cultures.

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