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Success Stories

Thousands of WIBO graduates from around the world have built Successful businesses because of what they learned and implemented from our 16-week workshop.  We’re highlighting some of the success stories of WIBO graduates.

WIBO Grads Talk about their WIBO Experience

Honoring 25+ Years as Business Owners

In 2019 we honored 3 WIBO graduates that have been in business for more than 25 years. Their growth and perseverance over two plus decades is testimony that #WIBOWORKS

Our honorees were :
Todd Jones, Owner of Cuzin’s Duzins – 27 years
Jennifer Singleton, Owner of Jennifer Temps – 28 years
Mary Dryden, Owner of Dryden Gallery – 31 years

WIBO Graduates Testimonies

Click on the titles to read the full stories.

The classes were tough and I needed that, tough love and reality checks. I looked forward to every class because trying to run a business on my own was crazy!!!  I made so many mistakes.  With WIBO, those mistakes lessened considerably.…read more
I decided to deliberately sell “potatoes” in every way possible, and WIBO helped me to breakdown and rebuild a viable concept with the in-depth real-world and real-time research…read more
Diallo is one of WIBO's  Gutenstein Foundation Entrepreneurial Re-entry Program Success stories. In August of 2010, Diallo heard about WIBO during a reentry event at Osborne Association…read more
Christine graduated from the program nearly 20 years ago. She was working as a marketing manager at the Citicorp building in Manhattan…read more
Shernell Sheffield was working a full-time job in a law-office when she heard of the WIBO 16-Week Workshop. Starting out…read more
Susie Kurkowski graduated from WIBO in the spring of 2013. Soon thereafter, she immediately opened Items of Interest, which also houses DesignCorp…read more
Bogota Bistro is one of WIBO’s most successful restaurant graduate owners. They graduated from the program over 10 years ago…read more
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