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Company: Bogota Bistro
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Graduates: Farid Ali & George Constantinou

Bogota Bistro is one of WIBO’s most successful restaurant graduate owners. They graduated from the program over 10 years ago, one having experience in consulting, the other in the back of the house restaurant management. They have gone on to create a $10 million dollar business in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. They have spoken about entrepreneurship on multiple television networks, and last year was pictured with President Barack Obama for the signing of the new minimum wage legislation. “WIBO introduced us to business people who helped open doors for us through networking and sharing their wisdom, experience, strength, and contacts. Ten years after taking WIBO coursework, I still retain a lot of the knowledge I obtained as a WIBO participant. I use this to make sound business decisions,” says Farid.

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