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Company: Items of Interest
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Graduate: Susie Kurkowski

Susie Kurkowski graduated from WIBO in the spring of 2013. Soon thereafter, she immediately opened Items of Interest, which also houses DesignCorp, a full-service interior design studio specializing in creating home spaces that are visually interesting and functional, and fit their clients’ lifestyles and budgets.

Previously an attorney in the commercial litigation department, Susie started going to trade shows and found a lot of cool items that weren’t featured in shops, and her idea was born. “I really love the entire premise behind WIBO…that if people can start their own businesses, they can change their lives. It was very helpful to vet my ideas with my classmates and learn from the speakers. Most importantly it was amazing to have such a supportive group of people to keep me going during the arduous process of building a new startup,” Says Susie. Susie now gives back by volunteering for WIBO weekly as a Workgroup Leader in the Downtown Brooklyn site.

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