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Company: Perfect Pitches by Precious
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Graduate: Precious Williams

Years ago, 2011 to be exact, I thought I was ready to start a company.  I mean how hard could it be?  First challenge?  Financials!  Second challenge?  Business plan  Third challenge?  How to run a successful thriving business when it was so obvious I needed help.

Enter WIBO!  I signed up and paid for the class and it was on.  The classes were tough and I needed that, tough love and reality checks. I looked forward to every class because trying to run a business on my own was crazy!!!  I made so many mistakes.  With WIBO, those mistakes lessened considerably.

I found a community that cares and wants to see each and every one of us succeed.  And succeed, I did.  I became a 13-time elevator pitch champion, serial entrepreneur and international professional speaker.  I successfully pitched on “Shark Tank,” CNN, Wall Street Journal, movies, MSNBC, and ABC!  Thank you WIBO!  I started one business in WIBO and pivoted to another more suited to my talents and skillsets, Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC.  Even when I made silly, nonsensical decisions in business, WIBO was there with open arms and I so thank you for helping become more successful this time that it is sweeter than the first time!  I love you WIBO and all that we stand for as graduates!

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