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Leadership training came to me at the perfect time. I wanted to change and needed a push in the right direction to do it. Stepping into making big changes in my life came from going through the process… was it pleasant, no. Did I like it, absolutely not, though going through it, I know I can rise to whatever challenge comes my way.

I’ve learned to shift my expectations a little to the left or right, yet still going forward in my life. Recently, going from working as a full-time designer to full time with the government, I thought I had to give up my love for design. I learned that as long as I can still design part-time…I’m good. The added bonus is that I enjoy what I’m doing, I work with wonderful people and was just promoted to management. I wouldn’t have applied for the position if I didn’t accept the little challenges along the way. That came from having the support of friends and mentors who helped me to change my “Compelling Story” and write a new one.

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