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As a WIBO volunteer, you will find the rewards great and your talents well utilized. You select the topics, which you will facilitate as determined by your experience, knowledge, and interest. You also select the dates and locations where you wish to volunteer. You may choose to lead only one topic in one location, which is a time commitment of only one 90 minute session.

You may also select multiple topics in several locations, which may consist of as many weeks as you choose. WIBO students are like no others. You will find their intelligence, intensity, experience, and eagerness to learn, an inspiration. Equally inspiring will be the realization of the impact that your volunteer efforts will have on these students.

In any capacity, as a WIBO volunteer, you will make a significant impact on the success of a blossoming entrepreneur.

Benefits of Volunteering w/WIBO

There are great benefits that come from dedicating your time and expertise…

  • Share your business experience
  • Expand your thinking
  • Enhance your leadership capabilities
  • Build your business acumen
  • Discover new ideas
  • Unleash hidden creativity
  • Influence of positive change in your community
  • Include WIBO experience on your bio/resume
  • Use WIBO as a business reference
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities
  • Strengthen your public speaking ability
  • Build confidence

Use your business skills to help WIBO entrepreneurs succeed!

WIBO Discussion Leader facilitating a Brooklyn workshop
WIBO Discussion Leader facilitating a Brooklyn workshop

Opportunities to volunteer include:

  • Workgroup Leader

    Leads a class in the WIBO 16-Week Workshop, provides feedback on planning sheets and guides discussion. (Commitment: 3 hours weekly for 16 weeks)

  • Discussion Leader

    Teaches specific chapters for the WIBO 16-Week Workshop based on an area of expertise. (Commitment: 1-3 classes per semester, 1.5 hours per class)

  • Business Mentor

    Provides one‐on‐one support to developing entrepreneurs; the ideal mentor is an exceptional listener, critical thinker, and problem solver with a positive, nurturing attitude. (Commitment: 2 hours per month by phone/video call)

  • Marketing Ambassador

    Helps to market and promote WIBO programs Experience: WIBO Alumnus; high energy personality (Commitment: flexible )

Fill out this short form to become a volunteer with us. We will follow up with you to arrange a conference call to go over volunteering opportunities.

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