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WIBO Built Businesses

There are thousands of WIBO Built Businesses across the U.S.  We are on a search to identify WIBO businesses and promote them on this website.

Here are a few stories from WIBO graduates and volunteers about their WIBO journey and the effects that attending WIBO has on their businesses.

We interviewed:

  • Todd Jones – The Donutologist. 25+ years in business.
  • Duane Knight – WIBO graduate and current WorkGroup Leader
  • Celeste Morris – WIBO graduate, volunteered in several WIBO areas including the Board of Directors of WIBO.
  • Dr. Stacie NC Grant – WIBO graduate and successful business owner empowering the faith-based community.
  • Tina Lee – WIBO graduate and current business owner
  • Lanisha Frasier Conerson – WIBO graduate and creator of multiple businesses

If you are a WIBO graduate who wants to share your story about your business and WIBO experience send an email to admin@wibo.works

Identify your business as a WIBO Built Business

Let the world and other WIBO graduates know you are a WIBO graduate by displaying WIBO’s digital badges and decals on your website, social media and place(s) of business.

We currently have digital badges available for download. Decals will be available by February 2019.

To get your digital badge, fill out the form below. Once approved you will get an email with a link to download your badge.


WIBO Built Businesses from our Affiliates

Our St. Louis Affiliate, Grace Hill Women’s Business Center has graduated a number of WIBO graduates who are growing sustainable businesses.  Click this Link for a directory of their businesses CLICK HERE

WIBO Graduate Business Directory

We are committed to creating opportunities for WIBO graduates to know each other and do business one another.  We are building a WIBO Graduate Business Directory.  Please fill out the form below and we add your company to the online directory.

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