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WIBO Spring 2019 Registration Page

Complete this short information form to tell us a little about you, your business or business idea and why you are interested in WIBO. 

As a nonprofit, we receive grants to help make the workshop affordable for our participants. The Workshop fee ranges from $75.00-$350.00 based on household income.  Once accepted, submit scholarship documentation and Pay the workshop fee.

Complete your participant profile, confirm your interview date and get ready to start your entrepreneurial journey!

WIBO offer scholarships for veterans, NYCHA residents and recently incarcerated individuals.  If you think you qualify for any of these scholarships you can fill out the scholarship after booking your interview. During the interview, you will be told what documents to submit to get your scholarship.

If you do not qualify for a scholarship and earn less than $50,000.00 a year we have a sliding scale to make the cost of attending affordable.



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