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WIBO Warrior 2-Day Class

“Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage, and sternness.”― Sun Tzu

How’s Business?

Growing a profitable business is more than learning new business skills.

Strengthening your mind is just as important!

Is This

Story Familiar?

From Dream to Nightmare?

WIBO CEO Stephen Jackson at Gracie Mansion receiving an award from the City of New York.

You’ve set out to build your business, to follow your passion that deep calling that says you can be a successful entrepreneur and control your destiny. Yet, the reality is that despite all the planning, conversations with experts, motivating speeches, things are not going the way you desired. You see business is a form of warfare. Every day you are battling, competitors, doubters and too often your thoughts, fears and beliefs.

When fear and doubt rise, it becomes the moment you start second-guessing yourself, old conversations from past shortcomings creep up, and fear of failure set in.

What’s the solution to moving past these limiting conversations, fears, and circumstances that seem to be preventing you from achieving the success you desired when you started your entrepreneur journey?

I know that warfare between my brain and I. I heard clearly when my brain unleashed those negative thoughts, feelings, and I have had those conversations with myself many times over the years trying to silence critic NUMBER 1 “MY MIND.” I struggled for years dealing with those fears and more, and the solution came in 2006 when my corporate mentor sent me to a 3-day Leadership Training class.

Turning Negatives into Positives

My youngest daughters graduating from a Master Leadership program

That class wasn’t the regular leadership training where I was being lectured to all weekend and fed a bunch of motivational stories. That class was experiential. I participated in processes that challenged my ways of thinking that training exposed my shortcomings, and the training helped me to create better conversations with myself. I developed mental tools to make positive changes in my life and deal with the fears, circumstances and conversations that held me back.

That Leadership Training program worked so well that I sent my children, I sponsored friends, vendors, and clients through that program, and they were all appreciative of the gift of attending. I enjoyed watching their successes, especially those of my daughters.

Leadership Training for Entrepreneurs, a Successful Combination

A leadership class of friends and clients that I sponsored.

When I returned to volunteering with WIBO, I knew that if WIBO graduates also experienced that type of Leadership Training right after graduation, their path to entrepreneur success would be almost guaranteed. I know that WIBO graduates armed with Leadership skills will make better decisions and think more positively as they grow successful businesses and exceptional lives.

This year after many months of planning and a partnership with Barb Moses; President of High5 Leadership, Inc. who is my my friend, one of my leadership trainers and accountability partner, we are offering you the opportunity to add new levels of skills and tools to become successful in everything you are pursuing, both personally and professionally.

I'm extremely happy to present this class to you

WIBO’s  Entrepreneur Mindset Program (EMP) presents:


The Entrepreneur Mindset Program (EMPWIBO Warriors Two-Day Class will help you create new I.D.E.A.S. that, when used, will help you create the business and personal successes you desire and deserve.

The I.D.E.A.S. that W2D will provide you with through our two-day class and six months Implement & Achieve program are:


W2D will INSPIRE you to rise every day focused on your desire to own a profitable business and live your best life.


W2D will DEMONSTRATE what’s not working and what will work for you to reach your goals.


W2D will EXCITE your entrepreneurial spirit to play to win!


W2D will help you develop the mental tools to ACHIEVE your goals.


W2D will be there with you, helping you SUSTAIN and move forward to achieving what you desire and deserve in your professional and personal life.

What Will I Learn?

The WIBO Warriors 2-Day Class is providing much needed elements between learning the skills of building a business and developing the mindset to achieve those goals. W2D provides the mental tools that you will use to enhance the WIBO skills you learned and practice to achieve successes in business and in life. During your 2-day journey you will work on:

  • Examing how the effects of the stories you tell yourself and how to create new powerful, positive stories.
  • Uncovering your blind spots and identifying your strengths.
  • Learn to lay the foundation for developing new positive habits.
  • Becoming more resilient and not focusing on circumstances and problems.
  • Understanding what true trust looks like in yourself and others.
  • Developing a stronger sense of purpose, and a more positive outlook.

After the 2-day class, the sustainability process begins.  We will have regular check-ins, goals and assignments that are designed to help you practice regularly what you learned.

When Can I Attend?

The class begins on Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st, from 9 am to 5 pm both days. Upon completion of this class, you will receive a certificate, special keepsake, and induction into the 1st class of WIBO Warriors. You will be among an elite group of business owners that own the skillsets to achieve all they desire. Become a WIBO Warrior today apply online.

How Much is My Investment?

Training like this cost between $900.00 to $3,000.00 per person for a multi-day workshop, and if you are struggling to grow your business or become profitable, that’s can be a lot of money to invest in yourself and business even if the ROI is great (By the way you can measure this program’s ROI). I’m offering you a seat in this 1st class for only $149.00 for all materials, two days of lunches, and six months of Implement and Grow activities to ensure that you reach your goals.

The WIBO Warrior 2-Day Class is presented by a partnership between

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