Celebrate Jane & Mike Blumenfeld
and WIBO at our 2024 Gala!


We will honor the spirit and partnership of Jane and Mike Blumenfeld, who spent a lifetime building a better world through their families, their philanthropy, and their activism.

Jane was a leading development officer for vital New York cultural and educational institutions, including Beth Israel Medical Center and Ethical Culture Schools.

Mike built an extraordinary consulting business and continues to this day building a legacy of more than six decades of training, mentoring and inspiring thousands of aspiring through his role as Chair Emeritus of WIBO and as Entrepreneur in Residence at NYU Stern School of Business.

The event will take place on Monday, May 13th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at the venue Five Two A, 33 35th Street, Industry City, Brooklyn.

Guests will enjoy a sumptuous repast and terrific company. But most of all, we promise a tribute that comes as close as it can to being worthy of the honorees.

The Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO) is the first entrepreneurship program in America, created in 1965 to address the chronic social problems of poverty and inequality of opportunity by empowering people, especially women and people of color in underserved areas, to improve their own lives and their communities through building successful businesses.

In addition to the event itself, we are creating a commemorative journal that will tell at least a small part of Jane’s and Mike’s stories – a publication that will live on after the event in print and online.

Please Join Us!

Please mail contributions to WIBO, 4292 Hicksville Road, Bethpage, NY 11714

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