WEEK 17: Mastering Profitable Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

WIBO Community, are you ready to take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level?

Join us for the Alumni Bootcamp – Week 17: Mastering Profitable Entrepreneurship on Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00 PM.

This online event is designed to help you master the art of profitable entrepreneurship. Learn from experienced mentors and industry experts who will share their valuable insights and strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this bootcamp will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Don’t miss this opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and gain the confidence to turn your business ideas into profitable ventures.

This event is free for WIBO Alumni. We are grateful for donations of $25 from friends and members of the community who are interested in joining us for this session. Your contribution helps us to continue offering valuable programming like this to the WIBO community.

Date and Time:  Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Online Via ZOOM (Meeting link to be sent closer to the date)

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Program Overview

Breakeven Bootcamp

  1. “Profit Mastery Bootcamp: Unlocking Pricing Strategies for Small Business Success”
  2. “Strategic Pricing Summit: Elevate Your Business Profits”
  3. “Price with Precision Workshop: Boost Your Bottom Line”
  4. “Revenue Revolution Bootcamp: Mastering the Art of Pricing”
  5. “Smart Pricing Secrets: Transform Your Business Finances”

Pitch your Business/Networking

  1. “Pitch Perfect Bootcamp: Mastering Networking Success for Small Businesses”
  2. “Elevate Your Elevator Pitch: Networking Mastery for Business Owners”
  3. “Strategic Networking Pitch Workshop: Propel Your Business Forward”
  4. “Pitch to Prosper Bootcamp: Craft, Connect, Convert”
  5. “Networking Ninja Academy: Unleash the Power of Your Business Pitch”

Converting Prospects to Clients

  1. “Conversion Catalyst Bootcamp: Turning Prospects into Profits”
  2. “Client Capture Mastery: Transforming Leads into Loyal Customers”
  3. “Closing the Deal Workshop: Strategies for Small Business Success”
  4. “Prospect to Client Accelerator: Your Path to Sustainable Growth”
  5. “Client Conversion Blueprint: Unlocking Your Business Potential”

Pipeline and Sales Funnels

  1. “Sales Funnel Fusion Bootcamp: Crafting Pathways to Business Success”
  2. “Pipeline Proficiency Workshop: Mastering Sales for Small Businesses”
  3. “Funnel Mastery Intensive: Transforming Leads into Revenue Streams”
  4. “Sales Accelerator Blueprint: Designing Your Business Growth Journey”
  5. “Pipeline Powerhouse Bootcamp: Elevate Your Sales Strategy”

Target Audience

  1. “Audience Alchemy Bootcamp: Unveiling the Secrets to Targeting Success”
  2. “Define and Conquer: Mastering Your Ideal Customer Workshop”
  3. “Target Audience Triumph: Navigating the Path to Business Growth”
  4. “Audience Discovery Intensive: Crafting Connections for Small Businesses”
  5. “Strategic Targeting Unleashed: A Bootcamp for Business Impact”


  1. “Financial Mastery Bootcamp: Navigating Capital and Expenses for Business Success”
  2. “Expense Excellence Workshop: A Deep Dive into Financial Fitness”
  3. “Capital Clarity Intensive: Unveiling the Secrets of Business Finances”
  4. “Smart Spending Strategies: Mastering Expenses for Small Business Owners”
  5. “Financial Foundations Bootcamp: Building a Solid Business Future”

Email Marketing

  1. “Email Mastery Bootcamp: Crafting Irresistible Campaigns for Business Growth”
  2. “Inbox Impact Workshop: Elevating Your Business with Email Marketing”
  3. “Strategic Email Sequences Unleashed: A Blueprint for Success”
  4. “Email Evolution Intensive: Transform Your Business Communication”
  5. “Powerful Email Strategies: Navigating Success in the Digital Landscape”

Artificial Intelligence

  1. “AI-Powered Business Brilliance Bootcamp: Transforming Strategies with Generative AI”
  2. “Innovate with Intelligence: Harnessing Generative AI for Business Mastery”
  3. “AI-Driven Success Workshop: Crafting Futuristic Marketing and Business Plans”
  4. “Next-Gen Business Mastery: Unleashing Generative AI for Entrepreneurs”
  5. “Strategic AI Fusion Bootcamp: Revolutionizing Marketing and Planning for Small Businesses”

Hiring to Scale

  1. “Team Building Triumph Bootcamp: Scaling Your Business for Success”
  2. “Hire to Inspire Workshop: Strategies for Building a Profitable Team”
  3. “Scaling Success Summit: Unlocking the Secrets to Strategic Hiring”
  4. “Profitable Team Playbook: Navigating the Path to Business Growth”
  5. “Strategic Hiring Intensive: Building the Foundation for Business Excellence”

A Business of Your Own

  1. “Entrepreneurship Exploration Bootcamp: Navigating the Path to Business Ownership”
  2. “Venture Vision Workshop: Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Potential”
  3. “Start-Up Spark: Ignite Your Journey into Entrepreneurship”
  4. “Business Explorer Intensive: Testing the Waters of Entrepreneurial Success”
  5. “Entrepreneurial Essentials: A Bootcamp for Aspiring Business Owners”

Financial Literacy

  1. “Financial Freedom Bootcamp: Empowering Small Business Owners Through Literacy”
  2. “Wealth Wellness Workshop: Mastering Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs”
  3. “Money Matters Mastery: Navigating the Financial Landscape of Business”
  4. “Smart Finance Strategies: A Bootcamp for Small Business Prosperity”
  5. “Financial Flourish Intensive: Building a Strong Foundation for Business Success”
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