Program Overview

Breakeven Bootcamp

  1. “Profit Mastery Bootcamp: Unlocking Pricing Strategies for Small Business Success”
  2. “Strategic Pricing Summit: Elevate Your Business Profits”
  3. “Price with Precision Workshop: Boost Your Bottom Line”
  4. “Revenue Revolution Bootcamp: Mastering the Art of Pricing”
  5. “Smart Pricing Secrets: Transform Your Business Finances”

Pitch your Business/Networking

  1. “Pitch Perfect Bootcamp: Mastering Networking Success for Small Businesses”
  2. “Elevate Your Elevator Pitch: Networking Mastery for Business Owners”
  3. “Strategic Networking Pitch Workshop: Propel Your Business Forward”
  4. “Pitch to Prosper Bootcamp: Craft, Connect, Convert”
  5. “Networking Ninja Academy: Unleash the Power of Your Business Pitch”

Converting Prospects to Clients

  1. “Conversion Catalyst Bootcamp: Turning Prospects into Profits”
  2. “Client Capture Mastery: Transforming Leads into Loyal Customers”
  3. “Closing the Deal Workshop: Strategies for Small Business Success”
  4. “Prospect to Client Accelerator: Your Path to Sustainable Growth”
  5. “Client Conversion Blueprint: Unlocking Your Business Potential”

Pipeline and Sales Funnels

  1. “Sales Funnel Fusion Bootcamp: Crafting Pathways to Business Success”
  2. “Pipeline Proficiency Workshop: Mastering Sales for Small Businesses”
  3. “Funnel Mastery Intensive: Transforming Leads into Revenue Streams”
  4. “Sales Accelerator Blueprint: Designing Your Business Growth Journey”
  5. “Pipeline Powerhouse Bootcamp: Elevate Your Sales Strategy”

Target Audience

  1. “Audience Alchemy Bootcamp: Unveiling the Secrets to Targeting Success”
  2. “Define and Conquer: Mastering Your Ideal Customer Workshop”
  3. “Target Audience Triumph: Navigating the Path to Business Growth”
  4. “Audience Discovery Intensive: Crafting Connections for Small Businesses”
  5. “Strategic Targeting Unleashed: A Bootcamp for Business Impact”


  1. “Financial Mastery Bootcamp: Navigating Capital and Expenses for Business Success”
  2. “Expense Excellence Workshop: A Deep Dive into Financial Fitness”
  3. “Capital Clarity Intensive: Unveiling the Secrets of Business Finances”
  4. “Smart Spending Strategies: Mastering Expenses for Small Business Owners”
  5. “Financial Foundations Bootcamp: Building a Solid Business Future”

Email Marketing

  1. “Email Mastery Bootcamp: Crafting Irresistible Campaigns for Business Growth”
  2. “Inbox Impact Workshop: Elevating Your Business with Email Marketing”
  3. “Strategic Email Sequences Unleashed: A Blueprint for Success”
  4. “Email Evolution Intensive: Transform Your Business Communication”
  5. “Powerful Email Strategies: Navigating Success in the Digital Landscape”

Artificial Intelligence

  1. “AI-Powered Business Brilliance Bootcamp: Transforming Strategies with Generative AI”
  2. “Innovate with Intelligence: Harnessing Generative AI for Business Mastery”
  3. “AI-Driven Success Workshop: Crafting Futuristic Marketing and Business Plans”
  4. “Next-Gen Business Mastery: Unleashing Generative AI for Entrepreneurs”
  5. “Strategic AI Fusion Bootcamp: Revolutionizing Marketing and Planning for Small Businesses”

Hiring to Scale

  1. “Team Building Triumph Bootcamp: Scaling Your Business for Success”
  2. “Hire to Inspire Workshop: Strategies for Building a Profitable Team”
  3. “Scaling Success Summit: Unlocking the Secrets to Strategic Hiring”
  4. “Profitable Team Playbook: Navigating the Path to Business Growth”
  5. “Strategic Hiring Intensive: Building the Foundation for Business Excellence”

A Business of Your Own

  1. “Entrepreneurship Exploration Bootcamp: Navigating the Path to Business Ownership”
  2. “Venture Vision Workshop: Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Potential”
  3. “Start-Up Spark: Ignite Your Journey into Entrepreneurship”
  4. “Business Explorer Intensive: Testing the Waters of Entrepreneurial Success”
  5. “Entrepreneurial Essentials: A Bootcamp for Aspiring Business Owners”

Financial Literacy

  1. “Financial Freedom Bootcamp: Empowering Small Business Owners Through Literacy”
  2. “Wealth Wellness Workshop: Mastering Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs”
  3. “Money Matters Mastery: Navigating the Financial Landscape of Business”
  4. “Smart Finance Strategies: A Bootcamp for Small Business Prosperity”
  5. “Financial Flourish Intensive: Building a Strong Foundation for Business Success”

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