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1993 Graduate & Volunteer 

Todd Jones aka the Donutologist is well known for his tasty mini donut treats all over the U.S.  He brings over 40 years of expertise, passion, and innovation, catching the attention of many well-known celebrities and media such as Oprah Magazine.

I am from Harlem, NY.  I am an avid reader and I absolutely d.r.e.a.m (donuts rules everything around me) donuts.  I worked for a large national chain for a number of years and became the highest-paid baker in the chain’s history.  After separating from the chain, I decided it was time to start my entrepreneurial journey, a new chapter in my life.  I wanted a niche brand with a national appeal, so I decided to make the donuts smaller.   I opened my first venue in the Colosseum Mall in Jamaica, Queens. I then moved my business to downtown Brooklyn Mall in 1993. I launched my second company, Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts, where we bring the Cuzin’s Duzin experience to you.

WIBO has been extremely instrumental in my success and longevity. In essence, I am a legacy of WIBO.  WIBO helped me build a healthy foundation and a strong brand. WIBO taught me about business and instilled in me the love of helping other businesses grow.   I remember attending a class conducted by one of WIBO’s founders, Walter Geier.  Walter imparted one of the most important aspects of business, is integrity.

There is certainly an intricate roadmap for staying in business for over a quarter of a century. There are lessons that could be learned in order to make better decisions. Success leaves clues.

You #DonutStop and stay focused no matter what challenges or obstacles are put before you. We can develop our business by looking deep into ourselves and sharing what makes us special with the world.  My love for donuts is the foundation for my success. My brand’s promises have always been clear in terms of value.

Keeping your small business going requires adaptability and foresight to change and evolve.  I have faced many hurdles and disappointments in securing capital. As a Black entrepreneur, the racial wealth gap makes getting funding from banks nearly impossible.

My goal is to build the ultimate Dream Team empowering economic inclusion, business development, and growth opportunities through women ownership of Cuzin’s Duzin Franchise.

Reach The Donutologist, Cuzin’s Duzin, Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts at
Tel. 929-368-2761
City Point Mall
445 Albee Square West Lower Level
Brooklyn NY 11201
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